How To: Program an RCA universal remote control

Program an RCA universal remote control

If you want to program an RCA universal remote control, you can follow this professional's advice. Make sure the batteries are in place, and turn on the device you want to control. On the top row of the remote control, there are buttons labeled with the names of different devices. Press the button for the device you want to program, and press ON/OFF button at the same time. The light under the ON/OFF button will light up indicating you are in program mode. Press the play button on the lower part of the remote. The ON/OFF button starts flashing while the remote tries to turn off your device. Wait patiently and press play again when the button stops flashing. When the appliance is off, you have to press the reverse button several times until it turns on again indicating that you have found the right code. Finally, press the stop button to save your settings.

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