How To: Install a TV Socket

Install a TV Socket

In this how to, I'm going to explain how to install a new TV socket.


  • Socket R-TV
  • Coaxial cable


  • Screwdriver
  • Little screwdriver
  • Cable stripper
  • Screw
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This is the socket R-TV and we are going to install a new socket beside the old socket.

Put it the new socket in the wall and screw in with screwdriver.

With the cable stripper, we strip the outer sheath of the coaxial cable.

This is the braid.

Take away the braid and the shielding foil and this is the result.

Cut the dielectric white cable stripper and you will see the inner conductor.

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Connect the coaxial cable to the output of the first socket (the connection on the left) to the input of the new socket (the connection on the right).

Screw in with screwdriver the mechanism of the socket.

Screw in the case for the socket.

And finally connected the old socket whit new socket.

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