How To: Make a TV remote jammer

Make a TV remote jammer

Televisions are an amazing innovation that allow for endless hours of entertainment and information dissemination, but sometimes you just want them off! Make a TV remote jammer as a joke, to get a few hours of quite or just for fun.

Tired of remote control jockeys speeding through the channels? Here's your chance to stop them dead in their tracks.

Step 1: Start setting up the components

Step 2: Make the first round of connections

Step 3: Connect resistors and diodes

Step 4: Make the next round of connections

Step 5: Connect the LEDs

Step 6: Complete the setup

Step 7: Test it

Step 8: Solder the components

Step 9: Hide your creation!

Step 10: Make the switch

The first practical TV remote control was the "Space Command" manufactured by Zenith in 1956.

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