How To: Make an inexpensive 3D movie viewing station

Make an inexpensive 3D movie viewing station

Want a great, inexpensive, 3D movie experience in your bedroom (and have an aversion to the perennial red/blue anaglyphic glasses)? Sean Hellfritsch from Encyclopedia Pictura shows how to make the Vizard, a home 3-D viewing station. This podcast from Wired Magazine is a creative and whimsical hack with both modern and nostalgic technology perfect for watching a flip book style movie in 3D. The Vizard is a polarized stereoscopic display. It's not a red or cyan filter. LED has a natural polarization built in. You need to also build an enclosure for the monitors. The monitors must be at a 90 degree angle to one another. The mirror must be at 45 degree angle to the monitors.

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very cool, reminds me of virtual boy that i used to play at the Wiz

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