How To: Make a digital television antenna

Make a digital television antenna

Analog TV will stop all broadcasts on June 12, 2009. If you're not ready yet for the transfer from analog to digital, you bet get ready. You can buy a digital convertor box and a digital antenna for your analog television, you can but a digital antenna for your DTV-enable television, or you can save some money an build your own antenna! This video tutorial will show you how to make a digital television antenna with some coaxial cable, an empty coffee can, a hammer, a nail, and some duct tape or electrical tape.

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does this actually work

my friend Don from london suggested i use a bolt rqather than a nail so read the rest.
yes it does i just built one myself but i used a bolt with two sets of nuts one inside the can and the other outside with the wire connector outside. what a shock it works better that i would have ever dreamed.

What a load of crap. You have attempted to copy a wifi 'cantenna' without actually understanding any of the design principals. A piece of damp string will work if you have a strong enough signal, the fact that you get a picture from a tin can with a nail hammered through it does not mean you have a functional design.

its good for signals that are already stong

I tried it and got 35 channels, if I hadnt of made it myself I wouldnt have believed it.

this actually does work especially if you are in a pinch and don't have time to go out and get a real antenna. I was able to get 30 channels in with it which is good since without it I wouldn't have anything.

how it transforms the signal...what s the technique behind?pls explain..

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