How To: Get started using Boxee on your television or computer

Get started using Boxee on your television or computer

So, you've downloaded Boxee... Experience TV in a brand new way! This video will help you get started.

You Will Need:
• Boxee
• A television (optional)
• A remote control (optional)

Step 1: Explore the feed and featured content
Check out the home screen, Boxee's command central. Your Feed includes recommended content from your friends on Boxee & social-networking sites, while the Featured section contains media from Boxee's content providers, including TV shows, movies, bands, & cool web stuff you should know about.

Step 2: Build a queue
Your queue is a playlist for all the things you wanna watch. As you find stuff that interests you from your friends, featured content, or even browsing the web, click the star icon to add it to your queue & save it for later.

Step 3: Search for a TV show
Check out your favorite TV Shows in My TV Shows. Browse the TV Show Library for shows from the web. Go to the left-side toolbar & type in the show's name into the search box – Boxee delivers instant results from the Internet & your hard drive.

Step 4: Check out apps
Apps is the place to find entertainment, sports, music, photos, & other cool content from all over the web. Add your favorites to My Apps, accessible via the left-hand toolbar.

Step 5: Access computer files
If you have your own media collection, browse it using the Files menu – a complete list of everything on your computer & home network. Select Add Media Share from the left-side toolbar to add the folders containing your music, movies, shows & photos to the main Boxee menus. Boxee will automatically index those folders and craft a beautiful, easy-to-navigate library.

Step 6: Extend Boxee's reach
Half the fun of finding new stuff is sharing it. Using the Boxee website at, link Boxee with your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Tumblr, Flickr, & Digg then help your friends find content they'll love.

Step 7: Explore
To truly get the most

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