How To: Build a DIY 1080p HD projector

Build a DIY 1080p HD projector

Projectors can be pretty pricey. 1080p projectors even worse. If that isn't reason enough for you to build your own, then what is? Systm shows you the complete, detailed process of building your own 1080p HD projector, so pay attention and take some notes!

For this project, Systm uses Lumenlab's 120V S15 Mega-Kit, which is not being sold anymore. But you can purchase the kit's materials separate or find a similar kit. The S15 Mega-Kit consisted or the following features: Pro Reflector, 220mm S15 Fresnel Lens, 317mm S15 Fresnel Lens, S15 Projection Lens Triplet, LLVue 400w eBallast, 65K T15 Lamp, Mogul Base HID Socket, 120V AC Adapter, 120mm Ball Bearing Fan, 120mm Fan Guard, 120mm Vibration Dampener, Power Entry Module, 3 Prong US Power Cord, and 5 amp Circuit Breaker.

Obviously you don't need all of the above though. Watch the video instructions fully before going out and buying anything, so you know what you need and don't need. But besides the kit, you'll need FocalCalc II calculator, LCD flat panel monitor, and HDMI controller kit.

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